The Taverna Kellari Guestbook

Record no. 39
by : Evan Davies
from : Pembrokeshire Wales
at : Sunday 24th July 2016 / 17:07:56 hrs (GMT)
Over 10 days at Crete i came here at least 7 times for evening food could fault any part of the experience Stavros the host was s funny and generous Best food in Crete !!!
Record no. 38
by : Christoph
from : Lübeck
at : Monday 4th April 2016 / 16:05:12 hrs (GMT)
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Danke, das ist nett. Den Link zu Ihrem Werbe-Eintrag haben wir entfernt.
Record no. 37
by : Derek Manuel
from : usa
at : Wednesday 26th March 2014 / 21:17:39 hrs (GMT)
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Record no. 36
by : Justin Gries
from : Riverside, CA: USA
at : Wednesday 16th June 2010 / 02:48:32 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Jusies
We miss your place so bad. Best food! Best company! We will be coming back in 2011... hopefully with many of our friends. Thanks again for your part in making our trip to Crete memorable last year.
Record no. 35
by : Willi Zarnitz
from : Deutschland
at : Friday 19th February 2010 / 13:12:19 hrs (GMT)
Einen guten Saisonstart und guten Verlauf für das Jahr 2010 wünscht Willi aus Deutschland. Werde gegen Ende Mai wieder da sein (Nefeli). Wir sehen uns dann,
Record no. 34
by : Heinz + Erica Dolderer
from : 74427 Fichtenberg Deutschland
at : Wednesday 14th October 2009 / 12:41:11 hrs (GMT)
Hallo Stavros! Der Urlaub ist vorbei, doch wir denken oft an die schönen Tage,das gute Essen und an den Spass den wir bei Dir hatten zurück, und wünschen Dir bis nächstes Jahr alles Gute "Heinz + Erica." PS: Wenn ich mich nicht irre hattest Du letzte Woche(6.10.) Geburtstag, und dazu wünschen wir Dir nachträglich alles Gute.
Record no. 33
by : Maria S. Kristiansen
from : Kløfta, Norway
at : Monday 28th September 2009 / 18:47:59 hrs (GMT)
We where on vacation at Platanes just 3 weeks ago. We dined at your restaurant twice, and we where amazed by the good food, high quality of service and the nice and warm atmosphere. The experience was totally fantastic, and made an already fantastic vacation even more incredible. Thank you all for giving us a great taste of Crete. Our compliments goes to the chef, for preparing the delicious food. Greetings from Sundt and Kristiansen family
Record no. 32
by : julie rob and abbey
from : wirral england
at : Thursday 19th March 2009 / 15:04:38 hrs (GMT)
hi stavros and all at kellari hope you are all well its nearly april and have just booked again for may i suppose you are getting ready to open up for the season soon well will see you in may take care julie rob and ABBEY X
Record no. 31
by : Jeff
from :
at : Saturday 14th March 2009 / 11:25:28 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Platanias
My wife and I had a great holiday on Crete and some of our favorite Greek food included Tzatziki, Moussaka and Stifado all washed down with a carafe of cold Retsina. Some of my experiences of Greece have been added on to a travel community called trivago, customers to your Taverna are also welcome to add their experiences and photos. Look forward to viewing and reading them, see you soon.
You picked the wrong Platanias, the one that belongs to Hania. Taverna Kellari is in the other village of Platanias which belongs to Rethymnon. I fixed the link.
Record no. 30
by : Willi Z.
from : Deutschland
at : Saturday 20th December 2008 / 12:16:53 hrs (GMT)
Ich nochmal. Hatte versucht, etwas in griechisch zu schreiben. Es kommen aber leider nur Zahlen dabei heraus. Schade; aber außer "Germania" "evcharisto" und "antio" stand da nichts. Nochmals alles Gute
Record no. 29
by : Willi Z.
from : Deutschland - ..915...949...961...956...945...957...943...945.
at : Saturday 20th December 2008 / 12:01:20 hrs (GMT)
Ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und ein glückliches Jahr 2009 wünscht aus dem winterlichen Deutschland Willi Z. Ich erinnere mich gern an die Aufenthalte im Kellari im November 2008 - ..949...965...967...945...961...953...963...964...974.. Sehen uns dann wieder im nächsten Jahr. ..913...957...964...943...959.
Record no. 28
by : Saskia & Patrick
from : Breda - The Netherlands
at : Monday 10th November 2008 / 19:29:39 hrs (GMT)
Thank you again for making our holiday complete! The food, drinks and the staff are wonderful. See you next year. Saskia and Patrick.
Record no. 27
by : Silvia
from : Germany
at : Tuesday 6th May 2008 / 18:52:54 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : (als Spam gelöscht)
Hallo, wir surfen oft stundenlang durch die weite Welt des www. Dieser Weg hat uns auch zu Ihnen geführt. Viel Spass weiterhin und viele liebe Grüße aus Unterfranken, Silvia Rentzios und Team
Record no. 26
by : Pete & Carol Lowndes
from : Wigan U.K.
at : Sunday 9th March 2008 / 12:29:33 hrs (GMT)
Simply the best. You gorgeous looking young man you.
Record no. 25
by : saskia
from :
at : Sunday 7th October 2007 / 10:33:12 hrs (GMT)
hallo stavros, I haven't seen you for a lot of years, but I know yesterday was your birthday: congratulations! I saw your website and it brings good memories. hope everything goes well. maybe one day I will drink a glass of retsina with you, greetings saskia
Record no. 24
by : Patrick & Saskia
from : Breda - The Netherlands
at : Sunday 23rd September 2007 / 09:03:00 hrs (GMT)
After 4 year it was like coming home. Still the best place on Crete to eat, drink and relax. We will be back next year. Thanks for the wonderful week! Saskia and Patrick.
Record no. 23
by : Svein Berger
from : Lillestrøm, Norway
at : Monday 30th July 2007 / 08:04:05 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Sveins hjemmesider
Hi Stavros and the rest of the team. Thank you for fantastic food and service. Specially tank you for the 24. of july 2007, my sons 16. bithday. We where 13 people and having a great time. Absolutly fantastic. Kellari is the NUMBER ONE restaurant in Crete, and hi on my top 10 in the world. Regards from Ruben (son), Cecilie (daughter), Iren (my wife) and Svein (me).
Record no. 22
by : Jason Paul Kevan
from : London, England
at : Saturday 2nd September 2006 / 18:41:11 hrs (GMT)
Myself and family have been coming to Crete for the passed 14 years, and we have always gone a few times for meals in Kellari's each time we have come back. The food is great. The Mousake is the best Mousake on Crete, in Kellari's. Stavros and his team are all great warming friendly people, the music is also and the service too. Well done to Stavros and his team. See you in 2007. Regards, Jason, Carole and Ken, Kevan From London England.
Record no. 21
by : family Hansen
from : Eskilstuna, Sweden
at : Saturday 22nd July 2006 / 08:45:02 hrs (GMT)
Thank you for good food and nice service. Our little boy (6 years old) loved the big TV. He looked at soccer-WC -06 and ate Souvlaki at the same time. We can reccomened this place. Viggo, Kajsa and Edvin Hansen
Record no. 20
by : micha und gerdi
from : deutschland
at : Tuesday 18th April 2006 / 17:28:36 hrs (GMT)
Vielen dank für deine gastfreundschaft es hat uns alles sehr gut gefallen , wir werden wenn es die zeit erlaubt uns bald wiedersehen gruß an die mannschaft bis bald micha und gerdi aus berlin
Record no. 19
by : Holger Nordhoff
from : Jever, Deutschland
at : Sunday 19th March 2006 / 11:00:16 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Privat
Hallo Stavros, wie ich soeben von Ingo erfahren habe, hast du dein Lokal wieder eröffnet. Beneidenswert! Hier ist es eisig kalt und ungemütlich. Aber in 78 Tagen sind wir wieder auf Kreta und werden selbstverständlich wieder deine hervorragende Küche genießen. Also, bis bald! Gruß Katrin & Holger
Record no. 18
by : Alexandra
from : Greece
at : Friday 17th March 2006 / 13:07:40 hrs (GMT)
Record no. 17
by : Don Woodford
from : Newport , Isle of Wight
at : Friday 13th January 2006 / 18:06:34 hrs (GMT)
When we had our holiday in Rethymnon some 6-8 years ago ,we ate and drank at Kellari Virtually every evening Stavros and his staff were Polite ,Fun,Friendly,generous and the food was delicious and excellantly served and presented I wouldnt hesitate to reccomend it to anyone,THANK YOU STAVROS and Your Staff. DON WOODFORD.
Record no. 16
by : Dirk van Oostaijen
from : The Hague, the Netherlands
at : Friday 30th September 2005 / 23:11:38 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Friends of Greece and the Greek islands
Hi Stavros, just home again. The food was again great greetings to Asim. Have added your place to my website. Dirk and Riet
Record no. 15
by : a.besseling
from : holland
at : Wednesday 14th September 2005 / 20:35:14 hrs (GMT)
hallo dear,sorry but we prommist you to visit you before we left crete,but we stay to long in rethymon.we met mariana in dimitrios village,we stay there for 12 days and she told as ,go to kellari,and so we was a very good restaurant,beautiful food and desserts.and very kind people. thank you very much, maybe until next year,enjoy your winter time. greetings to all of you. Arie and Maria Besseling,Holland, the couple who was married for 30 years, do you remember ??????
Record no. 14
by : Helmut u. Sabrina
from : Deutschland
at : Friday 5th August 2005 / 12:23:38 hrs (GMT)
Hallo Stavros wir sind auf dem Weg freuen uns auf Stevado. Grüße auch von Reinald und Andrea
Record no. 13
by : Markus
from : Cologne / Germany
at : Sunday 31st July 2005 / 03:58:27 hrs (GMT)
Gia sou Stavros! Wir sehen uns in knapp einer Woche! :-)
Record no. 12
by : Holger & Katrin Nordhoff
from : Jever - Deutschland
at : Thursday 14th July 2005 / 19:16:16 hrs (GMT)
Homepage :
Hallo Stavros, wir haben - wie immer - unseren 14tägigen Urlaub und Dein hervorragendes Essen in vollen Zügen genossen. Danke für Deine Gastfreundschaft und Deine besondere Art, auf Deine Gäste (Katrin, Ingo, Holger) einzugehen. Wir kommen wieder! Jassu! Katrin & Holger
Record no. 11
by : andreas & diana
from :
at : Friday 3rd June 2005 / 11:30:00 hrs (GMT)
hallo stavros, wir moechten uns bei dir u.deinem team bedanken fuer die schoene zeit die wir mit euch hatten! wir kommen mit sicherheit wieder. andreas & diana
Record no. 10
by : Markus
from : Cologne / Germany
at : Wednesday 1st September 2004 / 15:51:30 hrs (GMT)
Hallo Stavros & Team! Vielen Dank für das tolle Essen u. die guten Abende im Kellari! Hab' viel Spass mit euch gehabt! Wir sehen uns 2005! MARKUS P.S. Viele Grüsse an den besten Taxifahrer von Kreta! Andreas,wir sehen uns!
Record no. 9
by : Etta Jonquière and Mariana Kniveton
from : Dordrecht, The Netherlands
at : Thursday 1st July 2004 / 15:01:59 hrs (GMT)
Hallo Stavros and team, Thank you very much for your wonderful food (especially the Chef!!) and hospitality. We really enjoyed our daily dinners. In the grey weather, Kreta seems very far away. Hope to see you again, some time
Record no. 8
by : Sylvia
from :
at : Wednesday 15th October 2003 / 17:50:13 hrs (GMT)
Hello Just returned from Platanes. Had to say thanks for the wonderful food and service. We really enjoyed out meals. It was my friend's first time in Greece and I was worried she may not like it but she was really happy with your food. Sylvia and Margaret
Record no. 7
by : Thomas Sturm
from : Stuttgart/Deutschland
at : Thursday 25th September 2003 / 07:43:40 hrs (GMT)
Hallo Stavros, das Essen war wie immer vorzüglich und wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf nächstes Jahr. Viele Grüße Fam .Sturm
Record no. 6
by : John & Ann (Mr & Mrs Pampers)
from : Gloucester, England
at : Monday 14th October 2002 / 10:40:37 hrs (GMT)
Kellari the best restaurant in Platanes. The food is very good (Venizelos the the best chef in Greece??) with the cheese pies being exceptional. Greetings to Stavros and all his staff for helping to make our holidays in crete special for the last few years and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Record no. 5
by : Thorsten Schug
from : Quiddelbach / Deutschland
at : Saturday 31st August 2002 / 16:33:46 hrs (GMT)
Hallo, wir kommen am 02.09.2002!! Wir sind schon sehr gespannt und freuen uns auf Kreta!! Natürlich werden wir dann auch Ihr Restaurant besuchen!!
Record no. 4
by : Mikael Cordéus
from : Stenhamra, Sweden
at : Saturday 18th May 2002 / 23:29:25 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Hiljagarden GSD Page
Hello there Mr Stavros and crew. VERY Nice hompage you´ve got. I´m looking forward to see you and to taste your food soon! /Mike and family!
Record no. 3
by : Helmut * Petra Gros
from : Wiesbaden/Germany
at : Tuesday 14th May 2002 / 12:52:11 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Besuch
Hallo, in ca. 14 Tagen kommen wir dann zum 12.ten Mal nach Platanias und genauso gerne kommen wir wieder zu Euch das gute Essen, die freundliche Bewirtung etc. zu geniessen. Wir freuen uns sehr.
Record no. 2
by : Tanya Rademakers
from : Den Haag, The Netherlands
at : Friday 29th March 2002 / 13:55:20 hrs (GMT)
Dear Stavros, I hope everything is ok with you! It's nice to see your site! Very good! I'll send you our picture real soon...than you will remember me!! Hi, hi :0) I think that I'm not comming to Crete this year...because I've got a house of my own now (with my boyfriend) that's the reason why we don't have money to go on holiday.... :0( I'm comming every year to Platanias but not this year...thats not so good!! Maybe in 2003! My parents and my uncle say
Record no. 1
by : Patrick & Saskia
from : Breda Holland
at : Tuesday 16th October 2001 / 13:19:58 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Sfinxweb Design Service
Great restaurant, especially for vegetarian people. Really love the Kellari team, we have become friends in just 2 weeks. If you are on Crete, you have to visit Kellari!! Greeting Patrick & Saskia from Holland. P.S. The music and Ouzo are great to :-)